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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Western Region Counterdrug Training Center (WRCTC) homepage.  The WRCTC charter as a training institution is unique due to its application

of military skill sets, resources and methodology.  The WRCTC staff are Washington State National Guardsmen who are subject matter experts with extensive education training and full

spectrum operational experience.  The WRCTC core curriculum is relevant, scalable and applicable to your agency’s mission.  The WRCTC is a federally funded program providing training

at zero cost to your agency.  We are looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with your agency in the enduring effort to detect, disrupt and interdict the nexus of illegal drugs.


Our Mission


The WRCTC delivers relevant operational level training to local, state and federal law enforcement in support of Combatant Commands (COCOM), national priorities, and serves as an

enabling force multiplier in narcotics and global threat reduction efforts.


Our Vision


The WRCTC continues to be at the leading edge in the development and implementation of a comprehensive counterdrug curriculum that is based on the strategic goals of building the capacity

 in partner law enforcement agencies (LEAs) within the Western Region, the Counterdrug Training Centers (CTCs), Combatant Commands (COCOMs), and select partnered nations.  As a

training institution, the WRCTC will strive to provide LEAs with a common framework to apply to a complex problem set in a complex environment to disrupt and dismantle transnational

criminal organizations, interdict the flow of illegal drugs, combat trafficking, and  reduce the influence of drug related activities within the US and abroad.


If you are interested in any of our courses or would like to contact us regarding our core curriculum, please send us an email.


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