Narcotic Related Financial Investigation

Course Description: This course is aimed at the state local and federal criminal investigator/prosecutor and their support staff who specialize in narcotics investigations and have no formal training in financial investigations. It stresses the elements of the various financial crimes that stem from the laundering and accumulation of profits from the illegal narcotics industry. The theme of this class will be that these techniques can be employed to disrupt and dismantle drug organizations by shutting down their money supply. The techniques taught in this class stress the need to work parallel to normal investigative techniques and should be used to supplement all drug/narcoterrorism criminal investigation/prosecution. This course utilizes lecture, discussion, and practical exercises involving specific case scenarios to inform students. At the end of this course students will be able to identify: sources of financial information, utilize indirect methods of proving profitability in illegal enterprises, carry out financial operations, and execute financial search warrants.

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 3 Day / 24 Hours

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