Cryptocurrency for Narcotics Investigations

Course Description: The use of Cryptocurrency as a form of payments and investments has exploded over the past several years. Due to the decentralization that cryptocurrency offers, criminals have tapped into this market to pay for illicit activity as well as engage in money laundering methods. This training course will cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrency to include how to obtain it using cryptocurrency wallets, peer to peer networks, CoinJoin multi-party services, and various other methods. Anti-money laundering laws as it relates to cryptocurrency to include when “Know your Customer” laws are applicable will be discussed in detail. In-depth practical exercises will take place during this course to provide participants with a first-hand experience on purchasing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency. Investigative tools will be demonstrated to show participants methods to identify criminal activity on the block chain. Sample policies and procedures will also be discussed to properly seize and store cryptocurrency until awarded during asset forfeiture hearings.

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 3 Days / 24 Hours

There are no future events scheduled for this course.