Gang Awareness in Narcotics Investigations

Course Description: This course explores:  origins, history, current trends, identifiers, dynamics of street gangs, and gang involvement in the drug trade and distribution in the United States.  This course will identify and examine numerous influential gangs by geographic location, threat level, specialty, and their interactions with each other.  Jurisdictions will be discussed, identifying areas of operation- both on the street and in correctional facilities across the country.  The intent of this course is to prepare officers in both large and small agencies to properly identify and interdict gang activity in their respective jurisdictions, as well as understand and communicate the impact this activity may have on other jurisdictions and correctional facilities.  Officers will learn how to utilize this inter-agency information network to combine efforts in combating street gangs. 

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 2 Days / 16 Hours

This event is offered on the following dates

Aug 08, 2024 8:00 - Aug 09, 2024 17:00 (8:00 - 17:00)
Thursday - Friday
Reedsport OR